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NFL memo warns teams they are prohibited from negotiating with non-NFLPA-certified agent concerning Lamar Jackson

The NFL on Thursday sent a memo to all 32 clubs notifying them of a person who may be reaching out to teams to negotiate a deal for Lamar Jackson, whom the Baltimore Ravens placed a non-exclusive franchise tag on earlier this month.

The man in question, Ken Francis, "may be contacting clubs ... to enter negotiations with or concerning Lamar Jackson," according to the memo distributed across the league and obtained by NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero. The league stated Francis is "prohibited" from talking to teams on Jackson's behalf.

The biggest issue with Francis' alleged attempts to talk to clubs is the fact he is not certified by the NFL Players Association. It is well known that Jackson does not have an agent, and Francis is not permitted to act as Jackson's agent, per NFLPA operating standards.

"The NFLPA has informed us that a person by the name of Ken Francis, who is not an NFLPA certified agent, may be contacting Clubs and attempting to persuade Club personnel to enter into negotiations with or concerning Lamar Jackson, who is currently under a Nonexclusive Franchise Tender with the Baltimore Ravens," the memo stated.

"As an uncertified person, Mr. Francis is prohibited from negotiating Offer Sheets or Player Contracts, or discussing potential trades on behalf of any NFL player or prospective player or assisting in or advising with respect to such negotiations.

"Clubs are reminded that, under Article 48 of the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, an Offer Sheet, which may result in an NFL Player Contract, may only be negotiated with the player, if he is acting on his own behalf, or with the player's NFLPA certified agent. To be clear, Mr. Jackson is not currently represented by an NFLPA certified agent.

"Violation of this rule may result in disapproval of any Offer Sheet or resulting Player Contract entered into by Mr. Jackson and the new Club."

Francis most recently was pitching a home fitness invention prior to allegedly attempting to negotiate a contract for Jackson, per Pelissero.

Jackson responded to the release of the NFL memo via Twitter on Thursday, writing "Stop lying, that man never tried to negotiate for me." Jackson then posted a commercial on Twitter for a home fitness equipment he is releasing this summer with Francis.

Jackson's non-exclusive franchise tag, valued at $32.416 million, means he can negotiate with other interested teams and sign an offer sheet. The Ravens will have the first right to match any signed offer.

In order to receive an offer, Jackson will have to communicate directly with any interested club, not through Francis, or any other individual who is not certified by the NFLPA.

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