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NFL owners approve proposal to allow players to wear No. 0

No. 0 is coming to the NFL.

League owners approved the proposal to allow players to wear the number zero, NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero reported Tuesday from the Annual League Meeting, per sources informed of the decision.

The Philadelphia Eagles proposed the change earlier this month to allow players to wear No. 0. The move builds on the 2021 resolution allowing most non-linemen to wear numbers 1-49.

The amended rule allows quarterbacks to choose from numbers 0-19; defensive backs 0-49; fullbacks, tight ends, halfbacks and wide receivers 0-49 and 80-89; linebackers 0-59 and 90-99. Offensive linemen remain relegated to 50-79, while defensive linemen can wear 50-79 and 90-99.

The amended rule also expands the numbers punters and placekickers can wear to 0-49 and 90-99, where they were previously allowed to wear 1-19.

College football has permitted players to wear No. 0 since the 2020 season.

Players are already pouncing on the chance to don the newly available number, with Jaguars receiver Calvin Ridley announcing shortly after the rule passed that he would wear No. 0.

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