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Patriots HC Jerod Mayo says Matthew Slater is working as his advisor for 'all things football'

Patriots draft mates in 2008, Jerod Mayo and Matthew Slater will now be working together on New England's staff in 2024.

Mayo confirmed during his Saturday news conference that Slater, a 10-time Pro Bowl special teamer who retired in February after 16 seasons with the Pats, will be serving as an advisor for him in the season ahead.

"Yeah, Slate is on the staff and I am happy about that," Mayo told reporters, via the team transcript. "You know, we came in together in 2008. Who ever would have thought, I always joke with him, like when we were in that room for rookie minicamp, that he would have a gold jacket one day? And hopefully he does get that gold jacket. But, he is an advisor for me on all things football, and honestly, the things off the field. He is a very smart individual and I would say we see most things the same way. And at the same time, I know he is a guy that will be honest with me. Once you put the head coach hat on, it is hard to find people that are honest with you."

Thus, even as Slater's door on his playing days shut a few months ago, his collaboration with the only team he's ever known and both his former teammate and coach will continue.

Back in 2008, Mayo was drafted by New England with the 10th overall pick. One hundred and forty three selections later, Slater heard his name in the fifth round.

The two played eight seasons together. Mayo went to two Pro Bowls, made one All-Pro team and won Defensive Rookie of the Year during that span, while Slater logged the first half of his 10 Pro Bowls in consecutive years from 2011-2015.

After Mayo played his final snap, Slater continued to rack up accolades, enjoying his first of two All-Pro seasons the year after Mayo left and running his Pro Bowl streak to seven by 2017.

He would miss the Pro Bowl in 2018, but began a new streak of three consecutive trips in 2019, the same year Mayo returned as an inside linebackers coach.

Mayo served three years in that role, then the past two as a overseer of all the linebackers before succeeding Bill Belichick after 24 years of stability for New England at the head coach position.

A first-year head coach, Mayo is looking at all avenues to deliver success. That includes bringing his fellow '08 draftee on staff to deliver input and any hard truths necessary.

Slater, for a long time essentially a coach on the field in his own right, should provide plenty of both, and he could be especially helpful as the special teams adjusts to the brand-new kickoff rules.

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