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QB Jalen Hurts: '95%' of Eagles' offense is new under OC Kellen Moore

The Philadelphia Eagles brought in offensive coordinator Kellen Moore to revamp the system after last year's struggles down the stretch. According to quarterback Jalen Hurts, the revamp is more of an overhaul.

"You get to a point where you feel, I'm going to be comfortable with this, I like this, that time comes when you can rep it, rep it, rep it later on, but right now it's been a lot of new inventory in -- the majority of it, probably 95% of it being new -- and so it's just been that process, and it's been a fun process because you get to see what works for other people," Hurts said on Thursday, via ESPN. "I think the goal coming in was to learn Kellen's offense and to master it, and I think that's been a process, and by the end of it, I want it to be mine and have it in my own way."

Head coach Nick Sirianni and Moore have talked in the past about the offense being a blend of the schemes that each had run in their careers. Hurts added that while the plays might be similar to what Philly ran last year, there are tweaks in how they get into it and the responsibilities of each player.

"The Xs and Os, the lines on the paper, they very well may be what they are supposed to be, but how I coach and how I detail these routes, how I coach the quarterback, what I want his timing to be, where I want him looking, where I want his eyes," Sirianni said. "Are receivers reading routes or are they not reading routes? Are there alerts on this, are there checks and adjustments built in on this or is this something the quarterback has to do? That's what makes a system a system."

During OTAs and minicamp, Eagles players have talked glowingly about the new scheme, but kinks still need to be worked out, as the timing hasn't always been there at this stage of the offseason.

The hope upon bringing in Moore was that his experience in Dallas and Los Angeles would provide a fresh approach to a system that got stale last season. Moore should bring more diversity, an increase in motion, and could put Hurts under center more than last year to aid the running game and play-action attack.

With Philly wrapping up its offseason work, the next time we'll get a look at the new offense is during training camp in July.

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