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Rank's 11 Week 8 sleepers: Trust in Teddy Bridgewater

Hey Drew Brees, don't be afraid to take some more time off work. Not that I don't enjoy your talent or believe that you're one of the best quarterbacks to ever roam the earth. You are. But -- and I know I'm being selfish here -- Teddy Bridgewater has really crushed it for my fantasy team recently. Especially when I made the decision to start streaming him in Week 5. Since that time he's ranked ninth at the position, averaging a tick above 20 points per game.

And he now he's got a delightful matchup (that's right, I said delightful) against the Cardinals who have allowed a top 10 quarterback in five or their last seven games. I mean, they got Danny Dimes. But he's no Teddy Two Gloves. (And I realized I just typed out two nicknames that sound more appropriate for a Robert De Niro period peace about Chicago during Prohibition than actual football players, but this is the world that we live in.)

And I know it seems really weird to ask Brees to take some additional time off. It's kind of like if you were at the Comedy Store and Bill Burr wanted to drop in for a set, and you're like, nah, it's cool. Jonny Loquasto is really killing it up there and we don't want to give him the light. But again, this is where we are at. And sometimes, these kind of things don't always work out.

I don't want to say that Melvin Gordon is a Hall of Famer or anything, but how much better would the Chargers be if Gordon was still holding out right now? They probably would have beaten the Titans. Probably not have lost to the Broncos. But he had to come back. Like a dude who tells all of his friends that he's not going to a house party and you go about your business. And then he shows up late. And since you all have had a head start, he starts doing Fireball shots to catch up and the evening is derailed. Because that's what it's been like for the Chargers.

But I've veered wildly from the point. Teddy Bridgewater will be an excellent start this week, and if he's unable to go, might I suggest (and I can't believe I'm going to say this) Ryan Tannehill? He torched the Chargers last week with 312 passing yards and two touchdowns. He faces the Bucs who have allowed the seventh-most points to quarterbacks this season. And what about what he's meant to Corey Davis who had 11 targets from Tanny last week? The Bucs are especially vulnerable to receivers, as they have allowed the third-most points to that position this year. I know, I'm advocating two Titans as sleepers. Hell, let's make it three. Jonnu Smith could be a viable option if Delanie Walker is hurt. The Bucs have allowed just over 18 points to receivers this year, second behind the Cardinals. And yes, before you ask, you can start Josh Hill if you really want to. So wow. Three Titans, two Saints and now it's time to look for some players from other teams.

I wouldn't be too worried about the Giants FPA, because Chase Edmonds did all the damage last week. But Stafford has been putting up great numbers in recent weeks. He would be my top streaming option.

The Jaguars aren't the same Jags now that Jalen Ramsey has been dealt to the Los Angeles Rams. And what a huge bummer that was. I mean with AEW coming on strong, this seemed like the best time to be a part of the Jacksonville family. But I digress. I wouldn't sweat the Jets performance against the Patriots. New England does that to a lot of people. And he's one of my favorite contrarian plays if you're playing daily.

Well, I know this took a hit when Matt Nagy said he was still going to call the plays. It's like one of those traits he picked up from Andy Reid where he forgets to run the ball. You get away with that when Patrick Mahomes (or even Alex Smith) is your quarterback. But I (stupidly) love Montgomery in a get-right game for the Bears against the Chargers who can't stop anybody on the ground.

This could be a huge play with Will Fuller sidelined until further notice. Stills had five targets for four receptions and 105 yards against the Colts. The Raiders have allowed a top 7 fantasy receiver in back-to-back games. That's obviously great for DeAndre Hopkins. But Stills should be able to thrive as well.

Russell Wilson is going to throw a lot of touchdowns this week. The Falcons are miserable. They are already having their fire sale. So I'd be comfortable with Tyler Lockett (duh), D.K. Metcalf and Brown who has scored at least nine points in consecutive games.

He ran 44 routes and had a breakout game against the Jaguars on Sunday. But it's how they did it. The Bengals were out there designing plays for him. And in a game where I expect the Bengals to be in a deficit and trailing from the get-go, this could be another opportunity for him to showcase his skills.

  • Wait, you want some more? Here's a couple of quick ones. *

DaeSean Hamilton could see increased work with Manny Sanders dealt to the 49ers. ... Forster Moreau will end up scoring a touchdown this week against the Texans. ... And I like the Colts' defense this week against the Broncos who have no offensive identity and no Sanders.

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