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Rank's 11 Week 9 sleepers: Jordan Howard gets revenge

Jordan Howard is that ex of yours that you never wanted to break up with. You don't know how it happened. And now that you're running to "Trader Joe's" in your sweatpants, you see them in the produce isle living their best life.

As Bears fans, we didn't ask for this. We loved Jordan Howard. Still do, actually. I shouldn't have put that in past tense. But now Howard is looking for revenge for something we didn't even do. It wasn't us, it was the other guy. Matt Nagy. Now we're going to sit here and suffer as Howard scores three touchdowns against the Bears this week.

Because the Bears defense has allowed the second-most fantasy points to running backs since Week 4. And a lot of you will say it has to do with Vic Fangio. It's not. Akiem Hicks is on IR and isn't slated to return until Week 15. Which we would love to see. But if you're wondering why teams have been able to run on the Bears, that's it right there.

So even in non-revenge games, this would be a great start for Howard who you need to get into your lineups this week. In fact, he's going to easily land in the Top 10 this week.

Also, Alshon Jeffery has a terrible matchup against the Bears this week. Chicago has allowed just three touchdown receptions to receivers this season. But yeah, Revenge Game. I'm doing it. I know that's not the most-scientific, but sometimes you need to do a blend of your gut and the numbers. I'm like Joe Maddon that way.

Here are the rest of Rank's 11:

You know, he kind of deserves a medal for what he's had to go through this year. Putting him with Antonio Brown seemed like a weird reality TV show moment. Which I guess "Hard Knocks" kind of is. But still. He's had at least two touchdowns in consecutive games and the Lions have allowed at least 28 fantasy points in back-to-backs.

Did you know that Minshew is making his first international flight of his career? For a guy who wears jorts, this doesn't really surprise me. But Minshew -- who will sweep the UK this week -- has scored at least 16 points in seven of eight games. The Texans have allowed at least three touchdown passes in their last four.

The Chargers will be back on the road in Carson, CA as they take on the Green Bay Packers. Seriously, now that they are winning again, the front-running Packers fans will be out in full-force. But I'm with Rivers who has two 300-yard passing games in his last three. The Packers were just torched by Matt Moore, who might actually be younger than Rivers. Wait, let me check. Oh my gosh, Moore is like two full years younger than Rivers. I don't know what that means, I just find it amazing.

Both Singletary and Frank Gore have a great matchup against Washington who have allowed the fifth-most fantasy points to running backs this season. Singletary had less touches than Gore last week. But completely out-snapped Gore (67 percent to just 29) and got the lone red zone touch.

Samuels is a great volume play if James Conner is unable to go. He's averaged 17 touches in three games without Conner and 17 points per game as well. Benny Snell Jr. is out for two-to-three weeks after surgery. So this could be a huge opportunity for Samuels as a solo back if it works out that way.

Why is this guy still underrated? He was available on the wire in a few leagues I'm in. Which is crazy. He's had at least 11 points in every game this season. He's the only player in the league with at least one touchdown in every game. The Lions have allowed 177 yards-per-game to receivers this year, that's the ninth most in the league.

Corey Davis is also a good choice this week, though I could imagine a lot of you rage-dropped him last week after he failed to come through. Don't do that. But let's talk about Brown who has scored at least nine points in back-to-back games. Carolina has allowed the most receptions per game this year (16).

Again, Allen Robinson is a much better option. He's probably not available. The Eagles have allowed just-over 42 fantasy points per game to receivers this year. They allow a touchdown (and a half) to receivers on average. And if you give Matt Nagy the chance to throw the ball at will, he's going to do it.

I know a lot of you were burned by Hamilton last week. Which sucks because he's been good in the absence of Emmanuel Sanders in the past. (And Sanders was traded to San Francisco last year.) The Browns will welcome back Greedy Williams and Joe Haden this week. Which means that new quarterback Brandon Allen could be looking to the slot, where he has likely worked with Hamilton on the second-team.

And if Allen isn't looking at the slot, he could peep the tight end position. The Browns have allowed four receiving touchdowns to tight ends this season. That is the fourth-highest total of the season.

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