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Fantasy football waiver wire targets for Week 7 of 2020 NFL season

2020. Week 7. Sunday late night.

I should be asleep. The buzz of the Dodgers comeback win hasn't yet worn off. Or maybe it's the jumbo pack of sour gummy worms that I've devoured in the past 10 minutes. Either way, I settle down on the couch to rewatch Batman Begins. Nothing says calming like two and a half hours of Christopher Nolan ratcheting up tension in Gotham's gloomy streets.

There is gloom in the fantasy streets as well. Miles Sanders' knee injury has fantasy managers on edge. The Eagles are likely to turn to Boston Scott and anyone in need of a running back in Week 7 should do the same. Eagles wide receiver Travis Fulgham might have more competition if Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson return this week, but the young bird has proven that he deserves more bites at the apple.

My energy seeps into the sofa cushions and the eyelids get heavy. Either I'm hallucinating or Joffrey Baratheon is making a cameo in a Batman movie. 49ers running back JaMycal Hasty will have a chance to cameo as a productive member of the San Francisco offense with Raheem Mostert likely headed to injured reserve.

Ra's al Ghul has been defeated. My day is done.

Monday morning.

The boy child has taken to waking up at 5 a.m., despite the repeated pleas of his mother and me. The fog in my head is matched by the mist outside my window, obscuring the buildings across the street and turning much of the surrounding neighborhood into a rumor.

Much like the fog concealing the horizon, Jaguars receiver Keelan Cole has eclipsed his much more ballyhooed teammate, D.J. Chark. With three touchdowns this season and 15-plus points in half of his games, Cole has become the hero Gardner Minshew needs.

There are more things in this world that unite us than divide us. Usurpers walk among us. Despite A.J. Green's solid Week 6 outing, Tee Higgins is helping to depose the veteran from his throne. Broncos receiver Tim Patrick has overshadowed rookie Jerry Jeudy recently.

The sun will clear the sky later. The coffee will clear my head now.

Monday evening.

The fog gave way to the day which has now given way to dusk. The night comes earlier. The dark has come early in Dallas. Dak Prescott's injury has given way to Andy Dalton. The Red Rifle misfired often in Monday's loss to Arizona but next week's game against the Football Team offers new hope. But if wishcasting is not your bag, Teddy Bridgewater faces a Saints defense that hasn't offered much resistance to fantasy quarterbacks this season.

The end of the day offers a good time to look toward the future and prepare for what's to come. Tight end continues to be the bane of this fantasy life. But Trey Burton has curried favor with Philip Rivers. Being a tight end with Rivers is good business. In Minnesota, Irv Smith is earning more chances for the Vikings. Neither will play in Week 7 but are worth a stash for the forward-thinking.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy analyst for and a man who is eagerly awaiting the second season of The Mandalorian. Send him your TV watchlists or fantasy football questions on Twitter @MarcasG or Instagram at MarcasG.

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