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'Madden NFL 24' Ultimate Team beginner's guide: What to know, how to play, FAQ

Another action-packed offseason is in the books, which means the next Madden NFL video game is soon to be released.

Featuring Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen as its cover athlete, Madden NFL 24 welcomes back its highly anticipated game mode, Ultimate Team, which has been revamped in the game's latest iteration.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to help better understand Ultimate Team.

What is an Ultimate Team in Madden NFL?

Madden Ultimate Team, affectionately known as "MUT" in the online playing community, is a game mode within Madden NFL that allows you to create your own squad of players from around the NFL. Over the course of the NFL season, you will be able to upgrade your Ultimate Team roster by collecting player cards that are released via promos, events, etc.

How do you start an Ultimate Team?

For new Madden NFL users, there is an optional tutorial consisting of six challenges to begin construction of an Ultimate Team. Upon completion, the new Ultimate Team will be given a base set roster generated on the "favorite team" that was selected when first opening the game.

What kind of player cards can I get in Ultimate Team?

All current NFL players will be immediately available to play with/collect on Ultimate Team. NFL legends and other past NFL players will have player cards made available to play with/collect as the season progresses.

What is the Ultimate Team marketplace?

The Ultimate Team marketplace is where all Madden NFL player cards, packs, offers and cosmetics are purchasable through either microtransaction currency or by use of in-game coins. The marketplace also features the Auction House, where you can use your coins to place bids or buy player cards that are listed by other Madden NFL players worldwide, or auction off player cards you own in exchange for in-game coins.

Which player cards are the best to have on my Ultimate Team roster?

The best Madden NFL player cards go all the way up to 99 in rating. As the season progresses, player cards higher in rating will get released over time. Ratings of cards include -- in descending order -- elite, gold, silver and bronze.

Do I need to spend money to build my Ultimate Team?

No, Madden NFL users do not need to spend money in order to build an Ultimate Team. There are free-to-play options through solo objectives or by competing in online head-to-head play that can help toward redeeming rewards to acquire new player cards.

How can I earn rewards to update my Ultimate Team?

Rewards such as coins, packs and player cards can be unlocked by increasing your player level (shown top right next to your team overall rating) or through Madden NFL's new Field Pass system.

What is Madden NFL Field Pass?

The new Field Pass system is similar to a battle pass you might see in other video games. The more time invested and the more challenges completed in the game, the more rewards you will be able to unlock. Field Pass resets every Madden NFL season and rewards include anything from earning coins to new uniform designs to player packs or individual player cards.

Where do I earn experience to progress in Field Pass?

Madden NFL users will be able to gain account level experience through various challenges listed within the Field Pass system. By completing certain challenges, users can earn stars and unlock rewards for each level gained.

What types of challenges are there in Field Pass?

Challenges are individual games against Madden's artificial intelligence that have specific goals that need to be completed (e.g. throwing a certain number of touchdowns within a time constraint). For many challenges, playing on different difficulties (easy, medium, hard) can result in better rewards.

What are abilities in Madden NFL?

Abilities are attributes that can be tagged on to players to make them perform better in the game. For example, an "Outside Apprentice" ability will allow a wide receiver to have more hot routes available when lined up outside the hash marks. There is a cap for ability points so that not every player card will be able to max out their abilities, which provides the need for Madden NFL users to strategize the placement of abilities throughout their Ultimate Team roster.

Where can I use my Ultimate Team to play online?

Madden NFL users will be able to play others online during a Madden Season in the "Head 2 Head" section within Ultimate Team. The generic Head 2 Head Season mode involves starting a seven-game Madden Season, where users will be able to gain rewards based on how many games you win against other people online.

Can I play against anyone online regardless of gaming platform?

Yes. For the first time ever in Madden NFL, Ultimate Team is introducing "Cross-play" for users to play against each other across all PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC platforms.

Is there a ranked mode in Ultimate Team?

Yes. Madden NFL's global ranking system is known as "Champions" and is referred to as the most competitive mode within Ultimate Team. Madden NFL users will be ranked after completing 25 games against other users online, and the global leaderboard will display the highest ranked users online.

When can I start playing Madden NFL 24?

Madden NFL 24 launches worldwide on Friday, Aug. 18, 2023.

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