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'NFL Total Access' recap: Antoine Winfield heads northwest

Did you miss Friday's edition of "NFL Total Access" on NFL Network? Catch up with this recap:

Winfield heads northwest

Darren Sharper broke news that free-agent cornerback Antoine Winfield is headed to the Seattle Seahawks. Winfield confirmed the news with Sharper himself. Sharper added that Winfield makes the Seahawks' secondary extremely formidable and pushes them not only to the top of their division, but maybe the entire NFC.

The Manning brothers are staying busy during the offseason, holding workouts on the campus of Duke University. Take an inside look at their workouts with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

Manning's recovery continues

Willie McGinest shared his experience with nerve regeneration injuries. He said there still are places that remain numb, while numbness comes and goes in other areas -- like not being able to feel fingers, elbow, etc. McGinest said when you have surgeries like that, you won't be 100 percent and you have to find a way to adjust. That being said, it shows how good quarterback Peyton Manning was last season in his first year with the Denver Broncos since Manning still is not completely healed.

Whitner on crown-of-the-helmet rule

Studio guest Donte Whitner of the San Francisco 49ers doesn't like the crown-of-the-helmet rule. He said it's taking the football out of football. Whitner said he has been taught to play this way since he was a kid, adding that you still can lower your shoulder, but how will that be judged since "the lowest-leveraged player in football wins"? Whitner said it will force guys like Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to try making an extra move and not power past defenders.

One-on-one with Whitner

Whitner said you don't get past losing in the Super Bowl until the next season starts. You have to use it as motivation. Whitner said the 49ers played on the biggest stage, but it's time to get it done and win the franchise's sixth Super Bowl. Whitner said the 49ers will miss the toughness of safety Dashon Goldson, who was "one guy you don't want to meet in a dark alley," but he believes free-agent acquisition Nnamdi Asomugha still is a top cover corner.

In the Seahawks-49ers arms race in the NFC West, Whitner said he understands new Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin creates a lot of matchup problems, calling Harvin a horizontal problem, not a vertical threat. McGinest asked about mismatch problems when Harvin lines up in the backfield. Whitner responded that while that creates havoc sometimes for linebackers, the 49ers will just play Harvin wherever he's lined up.

Jeremiah's mock draft update

While his top three picks remained the same, Daniel Jeremiah moved Geno Smith up to No. 4 in his mock draft. Jeremiah said Chip Kelly's offense is about speed and quickness, and a quarterback like Smith might fit with the Philadelphia Eagles' offense, maybe learning under Michael Vick for a year.

NFC North draft grades

Jeremiah gave the Green Bay Packers an A-minus for their draft choices starting in 2008. The Detroit Lions earned a B, the Chicago Bears a B-minus and the Minnesota Vikings a C.

2013 NFL Draft: Team needs


Our analysts examine each team's game plan entering the NFL draft, identifying biggest needs, potential fits and more. **More ...**

Jeremiah said the three key needs in the NFC North are offensive tackle, cornerback and a pass rusher. Teams must address these early in the draft. He is not sure the Lions will find a pass rusher worthy of the No. 5 overall pick. Instead they should get an offensive tackle to help their franchise quarterback stay protected.

With their second-round pick, the Lions probably should find a cornerback and get a pass rusher later in the draft.

State of the Franchise: Lions

McGinest and Sharper aren't sure this Lions defense has what it takes to get back to the playoffs. Sharper pointed out they actually got better in terms of total defense. McGinest said they haven't had a lockdown corner since Dré Bly was there. They have some pieces to put in place, and if they can keep teams out of the end zone, they might have a chance. The Lions gave up over 27 points per game last season.

New stadium rules

Scoreboard signs now can be used to get fans to make more noise throughout the game. Sound still must stop with 20 seconds on the play clock, but video boards may be used throughout. Whitner said it won't bother the defense, but it will affect the offense's ability to communicate on the field. McGinest said unless it's strobe and flashing -- which will be distracting to a quarterback looking downfield with scoreboards in the end zone -- he doesn't believe it will matter much. Sharper agreed, adding he believes loud stadiums still will be loud and little will change at quieter stadiums.

Whitner also said allowing cameras in the locker room is good for the game. You might see some guys sleeping, while others are running around getting fired up. He believes it gives inside access that fans have never seen. McGinest, however, said it could be bad because fans might see someone sleeping and give the perception that said player is not preparing. Sharper said it will allow fans to see just how odd and quirky some guys can be.

The top 10 rejected Harbaugh family sayings

Lastly, in celebration of David Letterman's birthday, we did a top 10 list of the best rejected Harbaugh family sayings. What are the chances the Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh and San Francisco 49ers' Jim Harbaugh got a laugh out of it? We actually believe our chances are pretty good.

Here is the list, but it doesn't do justice to the execution on video, with host Andrew Siciliano playing the role of Letterman, Sharper as "Late Night" band director Paul Shaffer and Whitner with deft delivery.

  1. "You can't spell H-U-G without Harbaugh!"
    1. "Every day you wake up, you're one day closer to death."
    2. "Whoot, there it is."
    3. "The first step toward failure is trying to do something in the first place."
    4. "The Harbaughs, we're not horri-baugh."
    5. "Remember, things are never so bad that they can't get worse."
    6. "Never change."
    7. "Hard work MAY pay off in the future. But laziness pays off right now."
    8. "Yahtzee!"
      And the No. 1 rejected Harbaugh family saying: "Who's got it worse than us... EVERYBODY!"

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