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Rob Gronkowski dents Lombardi Trophy with bunt

This is why Rob Gronkowski can't have nice things.

The affable and lovable New England Patriots tight end has retired, but he most certainly has left a mark with the Patriots and, it turns out, the Lombardi Trophy.

In a video tweeted out by the New England Patriots on Wednesday, Gronkowski is seen showcasing his best batting stance with the Lombardi Trophy during the Red Sox's Opening Day last week. Yes, that Lombardi Trophy.

As receiver Julian Edelman delivers a pitch, Gronk squares up for a bunt and clank! Hilarity ensues and the Lombardi has itself a dent.

"It sounded exactly what you think a baseball hitting the Lombardi trophy would sound like," Patriots offensive lineman Ted Karras recalled, via the team website.

As the tale goes, upon Opening Day at Fenway Park on April 9, the Patriots were invited to the game.

Awaiting their introductions, the Patriots were hidden away in a tent in left field where they awaited the Red Sox receiving their World Series rings.

"You knew something was going to go wrong when you hand out the six Lombardi trophies," defensive back Jason McCourty said, "especially one to Rob Gronkowski with idle time."

With the NFL's world champions amped with adrenaline and Boston pride, apparently preparation kicked in.

"The first thing I remember is Julian like, 'Hey, if I'm throwing out the first pitch, I need to get loose. I need to warm up,'" backup quarterback Brian Hoyer said.

It should be noted Tom Brady was not in attendance. His MVP hands are clean, though one must wonder if he would have gone full-on elder statesman and prevented the highjinks or perhaps delivered some high heat that Gronkowski wouldn't have been able to get a piece of.

Edelman delivered his pitch and Gronkowski returned a bunt heard 'round New England.

"Now, we're all under the impression these are replica trophies, then we learned that indeed these were not replicas," special teams standout Matthew Slater said. "These were the real trophies."

Just going by his physical makeup, one would expect Gronk to be a power hitter, probably right in the heart of the order. Hence, seeing his willingness to drop down a bunt does lend credence to him being a stellar team-first player whether it's on the diamond or the gridiron.

Alas, the Patriots' sixth Lombardi Trophy has now been marked by Opening Day shenanigans.

"Only fitting though that the lasting mark," Slater said, "pun intended, left by Rob would be on a Super Bowl trophy, right?"

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