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Seven-round NFL mock draft, Round 2: Building a win-now team from active players for 2023 season

Kupp will make first-round pick Geno Smith's life easier as an underneath target who can explode down the field if given the chance.

Ramsey is getting older, with his 29th birthday on tap in October, but I expect he will still be one of the top three corners in the league in 2023.

Martin's power and versatility will eventually land him in the Hall of Fame. For now, he protects San Francisco's first-round pick in this exercise, Russell Wilson.

Cincinnati selects this year's No. 1 overall pick, banking on the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner to be a fast learner when it comes to leading an NFL offense.

Carr's inconsistency last season makes it tough to project a big 2023 campaign, but the Bills can take a chance at this point in the proceedings.

Will Surtain leapfrog Jalen Ramsey in 2023 to join Sauce Gardner as one of the league's top two cover corners? (Has he already done so?)

Head coach Brian Daboll trusts in the veteran to come back from injury and lead the Giants' offense.

Williams took a big leap last season, using his quickness off the snap to be one of the NFL's best interior penetrators.

Minnesota lands one of the league's steadiest and most athletic tackles.

Richardson could be a star early in his career, relying on his legs while also using his big arm to go downfield in Todd Monken's vertical attack.

In real life, Goff's sparkling play in the second half of the 2022 season makes the Lions think he could lead them to a playoff spot in 2023. In this exercise, the Chargers make that same bet.

Simmons has racked up 16 sacks and two Pro Bowl nods over the past two seasons. Plus, he's no bargain to move in the run game.

Pete Carroll's a happy man when you give him a power back who can carry the ball 20 times a game.

Tampa Bay traded up one spot to snag Wirfs at No. 13 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. Worked out pretty well -- SEE: Super Bowl title and two Pro Bowls for Wirfs -- so the Bucs pounce on the tackle here. And in this exercise, he mans the blind side in Tampa right off the bat.

Thomas takes his ever-improving game to the Motor City, where he could be mistaken for a Ford conversion van.

This feels like a match made in football heaven, with Kittle's receiving and blocking skills epitomizing what Steelers fans want to see at the position.

The Commanders grab a Cowboy, getting a top receiver with the hopes his game continues to escalate.

Andrews could be the 2023 Packers' offense -- as he was the Ravens' late in 2022, lining up inside and outside to make plays when the receiving corps came up short.

Despite heading into his 13th season, Heyward still would be a big presence on the defensive line for New England.

Jones stays in New York, but swaps out blue for green to play for the Jets. His 2022 improvement portends another step forward this fall.

The Browns' four-man front is anchored by Crosby, whose power and determination are tough for right tackles to stop over an entire contest.

Tennessee's run game gets the stud the coaches love in Chubb, this generation's version of Frank Gore.

New Orleans hopes Jacobs' resurgence in Las Vegas last season was the new normal, not an aberration.

Lawrence has become one of the top interior defenders in the league because of his nimble feet and low center of gravity.

Samuel's numbers were down in 2022, but grabbing quick passes from Lamar Jackson (in this simulation) should make that offense hum.

Waddle has shown himself to be explosive in Miami, and the Raiders have always loved big-play targets.

The Rams signed Bobby Wagner last year to fortify the defense, so it's no stretch for them to grab the NFL's top stack linebacker in this draft.

Joey Bosa

Denver selects Bosa instead of bringing back Von Miller. Both were injured last season, but the younger Bosa has a higher upside in 2023.

Indianapolis gave up a first-round pick for Buckner in 2020, and he's recorded 24.5 sacks in the three seasons since.

Alexander's man cover skills have more than justified his 2018 selection in the middle of the first round. He's a top-five cornerback in the NFL today.

Burns' length off the edge makes him a perfect fit for the system new head coach DeMeco Ryans brought from San Francisco to Houston.

Chicago's offensive line adds an elite guard squarely in his prime.

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